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Italy, Sardinia July 2008


Team: Roland & Robin 


There is relatively little to report about this tour. Since it had no project character and was only considered as Just for Fun, we took it easy (again) :-)

In the 4 days we dived 2 caves. On the one hand the Utopia and on the other hand the Bue Marino. At the Utopia we were, as well as at the Bue Marino, each with RB80 and 3 Magnum Scooter on the way.

In the Utopia it was about 2.500m and in the Bue Marino about 3.500m penetration. Since the Bue Marino required a diving permission and this is firmly in Italian and Tchechischer hand, we held ourselves naturally to the arrangement and did not lay another line. So the cave is not over after the 3,500m!


As already written, just for fun. A few km cave dived and had fun.

In this sense,

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