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RB80 - Training 2007


RB80 Training for Robin and Stefan , Part 1, 24.02.07

On February 24, 2007 Robin came to me for a rebreather training. It was a very nice day in February and we started with the dry part, the theory. After that we explained and discussed every single part of the gyro. Now it was time to assemble the rebreather and do the various tests that are very important BEFORE every rebreather, such as the overpressure and underpressure test, just to mention one.



Different advantages and disadvantages of the configuration were discussed. Also the different configurations were discussed as it teaches e.g. GUE, or as it dives the WKPP or the EKPP. In this point GUE'ler agree, but not the rest of the DIR scene ;-) 

After this part, all the equipment was packed into the car and it went towards Echinger Weiher. It small pond with a maximum depth of 7.5m. This is a groundwater pond / lake. Because of the ground water the lake is all year round with approx. 10 - 12 degrees an ideal training lake for the winter. For safety reasons diving was done with pure oxygen. During this TG, which lasted about 4.5 hours, all safety skills were practiced and performed ad nauseam. The topic stagehandling and gas change was postponed to the next days. By the time we arrived back at my house, it had long been dark. We let the day end with a theory test and a few beers.


RB 80 training for Robin and Stefan, part 2, 04.03.07

On this day, the theory was briefly repeated and then it was off to the Echinger Weiher. The first hour was dedicated to safety skills. We continued with stages and throttle changes on the gyro.


RB80 training for Robin and Stefan, part 3, 17.03.07

This time we were not so lucky with the weather, it was storming pretty hard. But what the heck, most of the day we were under water anyway.  

In this sense,

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