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Team: Max, Tobi, Flo, Steffen, Zeljka, Steffen B.


It has become a kind of tradition in team Cavebase to go to Lake Garda between Christmas and New Year. So we did it again this year.

What makes Lake Garda so attractive for us? First of all, Lake Garda is very warm, it never gets colder than 10 degrees even at depth, so the difference to the local lakes is already clearly noticeable. In addition, Lake Garda  has gigantic visibility of up to 20 m in winter, which is reinforced by the white rock again.

For deep-sea divers all over the world Lake Garda is a very special attraction, it is 356 m deep and has countless, partly with overhangs falling steep walls. A perfect training area for us.

Many of our project caves have depths of 100 meters or more, so it is important for us to practice such dives in the relatively simple "open water" environment.

On the 27th of December we arrived in Riva del Garda in the north of Lake Garda at best weather, 16 degrees and sunshine. This time Steffen Burger, a friend of the team joined us.

On the first day there was a dive at 80 m in the port of Riva, where some World War II bombs can be found and in deco depth a great statue of Jesus. The evening program was of course Dolce Vita à la Italia, with lots of pizza, cappuccino and tiramisu. Our families were also part of the party, so of course a holiday mood came up.

The next day one of our favorite dive sites, the so-called "Crack" in Tempesta, was on the program. This is a large crack in the rock, which extends from almost 50 m to far over 90 m water depth. Right away, we found it again and dipped the wall on the outside of the cracker down to 110 meters to the beginning of the cracking. Two hours later we were out of the water again and made some videos in best sunshine. 

The next day we repeated this really great dive up to 130 m where there is a large plateau and great rock formations. At the edge of the plateau, it goes significantly deeper. 

On the 30th, most of the team returned home. However, Steffen B. and Max did not have enough and did another scout dive on the for us previously unknown west side of the lake. There, Luca Pedralli set the Italian depth dive record in 2017. We wanted to visit this place. We followed the verbal description and dived right next to the road on a gigantic steep wall and made a little ground time to 50 m, before we went home in a good mood and full of new experience from the good training,  where already snow and bad weather waited for us.


Surely we will return soon to our favorite Trimix training area.


In this sense,

Your cavebase

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