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Molnar Janos - CCR Cave Kurs

Team: Manu, Mats, Heinke, Tom, Aline

Cave diving? Sure - always, in warm water? Mega! and in addition in the evening the flair of bars and pubs?

The combination of all this alone attracts pretty much everyone. And therefore it was not far away to start a little trip to Budapest.

Heinke and Tom had already been to Molnar Janos the year before and could only report positive things. Also therefore the desire was large to go there.

For the participants Mats, Manu, Heinke and Tom the completion of their cave training was in the foreground. After many years of diving the IANTD Cave CCR course should finally fall as the last part of their certification.

The instructor Jozsef Spanyol is already well known to many from Cavebase from the past. The course booking and cave booking went smoothly. The logistics on site are perfect. Everything can be rented for small money.

Aline had already taken care of a perfect accommodation near Molnar Janos in advance.

Already before the course a few nice dives were made in the Molnar Janos. The cave is definitely one of the most beautiful caves in the world.

Crystal clear views and huge canyons and halls. Everywhere you can admire crystals and numerous fossils. Molnar Janos is currently explored on a length of about 8 km - but this is not the end. Every year new passages are found. The total length of the cave is still unknown.

The cave is a thermal spring; the water is between 28 and 20 degrees. The depth is up to 100 meters and more in the back part.

The course itself was intensive and very instructive. Especially in theory, very valuable tips and tools were taught to make exploration diving even safer and easier to complete bailout planning "on the fly".

The focus of the practical part of the course was - how could it be otherwise - not only on perfect team play but also on complex navigation. For this the Molnar Janos is the perfect place.

In the evening the ruins bars and the pubs were made unsafe. The group enjoyed the nightlife.

Actually, it's a pity that the nice time was over so quickly. But it is for sure - we will be back.

In this sense

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