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Bilpa 2016


Team: Tobias und Florian


After the project in the summer of 2015 Tobi and Flo went to the Bilpa again. Last time the weather had put us off and we could not do the final dive as planned.

This time it should be different and so we made our way from Munich towards Slovenia and the Croatian border. After an early arrival on Friday we slept well and went straight to work on Saturday morning and crossed the first 3 Sumps. The whole thing took longer than planned due to the towing between number 2 & 3 and a lost Argon bottle, but was finally finished successfully. Here we had to climb 2 lakes and a longer canyon, which was a real ordeal with Rbs and Stages. Tobi was on the way with his JJ and Flo groaned the RB80 backwards. To reduce the weight we transported frame and tube separately and also for the stages we needed several attempts.



Arrived in Sump 3 you have reached 750m, about 500m of which are diving distances with a maximum depth of 40m. In the 4th Sump now we had to turn last on approx. 50m because we had the wrong gases with us. Armed with the right mix it should get better now and we started looking for the continuation. At the end of the old leash we quickly found the further course of the gait, but after a short distance we had to stop again. In the acute angle behind us we found a crevice which let us lay another 30m line. But unfortunately this was the end of the trip and we turned around.

The end is now at about 1150m and 50m depth (52m max.). If someone should want to take the trouble and look around there further, it would probably be reasonable to look for the way to the top. Possibly it continues then over a further dry part. After an uneventful but seemingly endless dragging of material we reappeared after 10 hours.


In this sense,

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