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Gourneyras October 2007


Team: Roland, Markus, Robin, Günther, Stefan


Between the 17th and 22nd of October we drove with 6 men to the Gourneyras to test our newly acquired ropeway equipment and to perform a few TG. In the luggage were 6 scooters, 3 RB80 with D20, 3 D12 to D20, Habitat and about 70 Stages. Because of the luggage we were on the road with 3 cars. The plan was that we would hit the cave at about 18:00 and do a check TG with D7 that same evening. When we arrived at the dirt road that leads to the Gourneyras, it was unfortunately already about 20:00. For the way to the cave we needed another hour. The path was partly heavily washed out so that we had to prepare the way often. On
half way to the cave a relatively large rock blocked our way. With combined forces, except for the cameramen, we managed to roll the rock off the dirt road.



When we finally arrived at the cave, or our "campsite", it was already 21:00. We decided now, due to the advanced time, to undertake today but no more Check TG. Nevertheless, I wanted to show everyone the most beautiful cave pool in France for me, since not all team members were at the cave. So sturdy shoes on and down to the cave. Since my last visit to the cave is also again just under 1.5 years ago, I have
the troop only times on a false trail because sent downhill ;-)

Sorry guys!

When we had now arrived at the cave pool I explained briefly how and where the cable car is mounted and went back to the campsite. After a decent barbecue we let the first day end. The next morning we went armed with D7 on the way to the cave. Arriving at the cave, we quickly jumped into the suits and off we went.

Arrived at the surface again the disappointment was big :o( The visibility in the cave was unfortunately only 3-4m. After a short consultation, we no longer made out and packed the cars again. We discussed whether we should go to the Source de la Viz or the Lot.

Plan B comes into force: Lot & Dordogne

Since we did not want to experience another disappointment the next day, we drove directly to St. Sauveur to conduct a short check TG.



Robin, Markus and Stefan estimated the visibility at about 12m and zero flow. So these were not the best conditions for the cave, but good enough for our plan the next day. After the successful check dive, we drove back to our accommodation Domaine de Geyfie near Cajarc. The following day we dived the St. Sauveur.

In this sense,

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